Chaz Boston Baden (hazelchaz) wrote,
Chaz Boston Baden

Things I want to do on my convention schedule engine

The Overlap/Consecutive Panels checking needs to be extended to the "test import" interface. It could also do with a summary/TOC at the top.

A common error in the "wholist" is thinking a name that ends with a space is different than the same name without the extra space.

Deleting the last person from a panel should delete the corresponding cross-reference entry. (I.e. fix this bug.)

On a related basis, the cross-reference table is getting cluttered up with obsolete data, can we do something about this?

Editing panels should have the same option to select a subset of panels to choose from. (This will make it load faster.)

I'd like to be able to go straight to editing anything I'm looking at in the grid and book interfaces.

Selecting rooms should be a radio-button selection instead of a fill-in text form, since only a known list of values are valid anyway.

Editing a person record should allow looking to see if we used them for a previous convention and be able to "freshen" their record. Selecting "department" would be a radio button.

Can we eliminate progxfer table?

Queueing up schedule letters should prompt with people who are due a major-update letter, or if none of them are, those who are due a minor-update letter.

Schedule letters could include the number of items in the subject line.

In general looking up participants should check for their ncon value being >= the one under consideration, so that past con lookups don't suffer so much from bit rot so quickly.

Regarding a similar project: I need my "forms engine" to file data into a spreadsheet, with CSV files to be generated if needed. Is .ODS an easy format to output in?
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