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... the night (a fire that slowly fades 'till dawn) still glow upon the wall so bright -- burning... - Walk Softly and Carry a Big Schtick .

April 29th, 2007
01:48 am


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... the night (a fire that slowly fades 'till dawn) still glow upon the wall so bright -- burning...

Ribbon story part 28. Some international ribbons, and some heavy on the logos, half of them from last summer and the others from winter 2006-2007. All of them with designs that take advantage of our "camera-ready" art and the custom plates that we have etched for the ribbons.

  • (Japanese text)
  • GT
  • (Wheelchair)
  • Dethklok
  • Mega 64

2006. ikimashou 2006. CAN FAN

As I mentioned in footnote 3 of my post about the L.A.con IV Unofficial Ribbons exhibit, Glenn Glazer produced ribbons in Japanese. Basically they say "I'm going to in Yokohama in 2007."

John Mansfield and Robbie Bourget asked for CAN FAN ribbons for laconiv. John thought he'd just need a few. When Robbie gave me the money, she overruled him and ordered many more. There were over 200 Canadians pre-registered for the convention! Robbie's talked about doing another version for this year's Worldcon, but she hasn't actually given me the new text yet.

2006. GT 2006. wheelchair
Erik V. Olson ordered the GT ribbons, for the General Technics suite at L.A.con IV. He ordered more shortly after the convention, so I guess they were a hit.

The whizzing-along wheelchair ribbons were a Christmas present someone ordered for Pat Larson (aka "Pat with wheels"). She got hundreds of them. I don't know if she'll be at baycon with them.

2007. dethklok 2007. mega64
Nasir ("Lord Doki") ordered these logo ribbons in January of this year, in time for animelosangeles. Dethklok is the "insanely talented death metal band" from the tv show Metalocalypse. And Mega 64 is a video podcast show. His reprint order is in progress now.

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