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Walk Softly and Carry a Big Schtick

The continuing misadventures of Chaz Boston Baden

Chaz Boston Baden
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  • hazelchaz@livejournal.com
  • Hazel Chaz
Ribbon Info: If you want to order badge ribbons by piggybacking on one of my orders, or just want more info about ordering ribbons including a list of manufacturers, see my Ribbon Resources and sign up for the ribbon mailing list. I announce when I'm sending in my ribbon orders there -- I don't necessarily announce it on my LJ.

I'm an amateur photographer; I have over 37,000 photos online on my webpage "Hazel's Picture Gallery", most of them I've shot myself. I occasionally make alcoholic Jell-O for potluck parties, I run an anime convention animelosangeles and I attend science fiction conventions.

I'm also one of the custodians of the Fan Gallery (aka Fan Photo Gallery), one of the continuing Worldcon exhibits. So if I start asking questions like where have you ever been FGOH, it's because I'm trying to get a bio caption together for a photo.

I have a lovely wife library_lynn and an intelligent, beautiful stepdaughter missmea.

I like Hawaiian shirts. My shirt size is 2XL-Tall so most short-sleeve shirts are too short in the torso. I'm looking for someone who'll take some colorful fabric and turn it into shirts for me. If you'd be interested in that sort of a commission, please let me know.

My cell phone number is 714-20-MANGY.